About Us

Established in 2008, Pastalini® was created from the idea that food should not only taste good but be good for you too. The founders grew up helping their parents shop at the local farmer’s markets and eating great tasting Mediterranean style homemade meals from their mother’s kitchen; every dish was made from scratch with fresh vegetables and a healthy variety of options to our liking. Taking their appreciation for fresh homemade food, the founders designed a menu at Pastalini® that uses high quality, fresh, and healthy ingredients in their made from scratch dishes.  We begin with a selection of special pastas, made in-house on our very own Italian pasta making machine, add in our proprietary spices and sauces, then our hand rolled sausages and meatballs, to freshly cut and grilled vegetables, and finish with our daily baked breadnuts and pizza dough. We love to make it right, paying attention to every last detail so our customers taste the difference and feel like they are home eating in their mother’s kitchen.

We provide a fine quality menu that appeals to health conscious diners, meat lovers, vegetarians, gluten free diets, and those that are simply ”craving a great pasta”. We support our customers’ creativity and help you put together your pasta, pizza or salad dish by choosing from a generous selection of pastas, sauces, meats, and vegetables.

We are located at 7190 Miramar Rd, Ste 109, San Diego CA 92121

Phone: 858-695-9779
To send an email, please contact [email protected]

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